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Book endorsements by pastors for Grow in the Grace: 

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“I have lived my life on this principle: Never mistake the man for the moment. Simon Peter had a denial moment, but through the grace of God he turned it into a discipleship moment. No wonder Peter tells us ‘to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ James Callen wants to help you do that. By looking at the life of Simon Peter, he doesn’t want you to look at where yours heels have been, but where your toes could be pointing. There are spiritual growth lessons from the life of Simon Peter. After reading it, you will love Simon Peter more, but you will love Jesus Christ better. Here we grow again!”  Ken Whitten; Senior Pastor, Idlewild Baptist Church, Lutz FL     

“How many times do you feel like you’re not enough and that following Jesus can be a struggle? Do you realize even though Peter did great things for the Kingdom, he shared the same difficulties as you? In this book, Grow in the Grace, James Callen does an amazing job of unpacking what the Bible has to say about Peter and the parallels we have with him when it comes to following Christ. At the end of the day, this book makes much of Jesus and reminds us of everything He has done for us, which then propels us forward, growing in grace, for the glory of God.” Mike Mobley; Pastor, Austin Life Church

In this book you will find an excellent guide for your journey with Christ. With a mixture of both life and biblical stories, James walks us along Peter’s life paths, highlighting the good and the bad. His theological interpretations are true to Scripture. The applications drawn point readers to the key struggles of life and the contrast of life with or without Christ. Here is a valuable tool that will indeed sharpen your walk and aid you in living a life surrendered to the Lordship of Christ. I was honored to serve as his Pastor years ago and I am honored today to recommend this book. I strongly encourage you to read and glean from this valuable tool.”  Tim C Guthrie; Pastor and Church Consultant 

“Sadly so many Christians are slaves to fleshly desires and of demonic strongholds. Because of this, they never grow into a mature disciple of Christ that produces fruit. This book has priceless keys to freedom and transformation into the new Christlike man. Great truths on renewing the mind, godly attitude, forgiveness, witnessing, serving, works of godliness, and becoming a disciple of Christ.” Curtis Duplechain; lay minister, prison ministry and foreign missions

“James Callen offers the Bible student an excellent exposition of those passages outlining the life of Peter. The author shows a distinct ability to move freely from the apostle’s own writings to cross references from the Bible and then weave anecdotes from his own life as a faithful layman with illustrations from biblical and other historical figures. The result is a ready-made sermon series, Bible study, or personal devotional guide drawn from the life of a man who is not so unlike any of us who would call himself a disciple.”  Dr. Wayne McEntire; Pastor and Christian School Principal

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