More about myself

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I hold my greatest identity as being a follower of Jesus Christ. And, I have a passion for sharing the gospel with a hurting world, who so desperately need the love, belonging, fulfillment, and salvation that can only truly be found in the Lord Jesus.

My primary spiritual gifts are evangelism and teaching. In that, the Lord has instilled in me a hunger to study His Word and a heart to show Christ’s love. Thus, I find great joy and humility in “leading” people to Christ (though it is never I, but the Holy  Spirit who leads people to the Lord). And I purposely strive to walk alongside fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, as we mutually encourage and edify one another to grow in our daily walk the Lord. 

I hold the Bible as the inspired Word of God, indisputable in authority, and the directional book for Christian growth. I teach Bible study classes and I’m involved in prison ministry. I’m also the author of Grow in the Grace: Spiritual Growth Lessons from Peter’s Walk with Jesus, and the administrator of the Christian blog site, which exists to teach biblical truths and encourage believers to live for Christ. The Lord has empowered me to articulately communicate Scripture in such a way people become more enlightened to its riches and correlate applications for strengthening their daily Christian walk.

Although I am now a Christian author, my work background has been with the U.S. Postal Service, primarily in management positions. However, after a 36-year career with the Postal Service, I felt the Lord calling me to make a life shift and devote myself more to teaching fellow believers and sharing the gospel. So, I retired from a Postmaster position to follow the Lord’s direction.

My wife Denise and I now live in Southwest Louisiana, where we attend First Baptist Church of Westlake. We have three daughters, all married to devout Christian men, and have seven grandchildren.

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