My testimony

James Callen

Before I surrendered my life to Christ, it involved overcoming a perception of seeing Christians as a group of hypocrites. Although I regularly attended church throughout my childhood and into youth, what I viewed from both church leadership and members caused me to question the authenticity of people calling themselves Christian. For me, it seemed “church people” acted one way inside the doors of the church, but acted like the world outside the walls of the building. So, after high school, I pretty much dismissed the Bible and had little to do with church.

However, after becoming a father of three daughters, Is began to contemplate not only my wellbeing but, perhaps even more so, that of my family. It was then that I purposely set out to read and examine the Bible for myself. I approached this search questioning, “Is the Bible true, and is Jesus really the only way to be saved? If so, can there be anything more important in this life? But what if the Bible isn’t true? What if it contains errors? Then, studying the Bible and holding onto what it teaches would be a waste of my time and life would be better spent elsewhere.”

It was through searching the Bible for truth that the Lord revealed himself to me through Scripture. So, in my late twenties, I was convicted by the gospel, surrendered to the lordship of Jesus, and accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

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