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Do you desire a closer walk with Jesus? Would you like to become a more influential witness for Him?

What’s stopping you? Anything interfering with your having richer fellowship with Jesus, or obstructing the path where the Lord leads you, doesn’t have to stand in your way. The Lord wants to rid everything blocking you from the intimacy He wants with you. And, He is well able to empower and equip you in sharing and showing His love with those around you.

Consider the apostle Peter. Peter’s credentials were lacking and his shortcomings were plentiful. Yet, in spite of his failures and inabilities, Jesus masterfully trained and refashioned him into an influential man of God. The change in Peter proved more meaningful and powerful than any man could’ve perceived—particularly for what Peter would’ve imagined for himself. He became a follower who lived not for himself, but for Christ. His dedication to share the gospel is still impacting the world today.

That supernatural, life-changing power that transformed Peter isn’t isolated to him, or to only a handful of select men. Jesus wants to grow your intimacy with Him and increase your impact for Him. The Lord not only can take you beyond your expectations; He wants to take you beyond your imagination.

Grow in the Grace examines biblical accounts of Jesus’ interactions with Peter and gleans life-changing spiritual growth lessons that can enrich your personal walk with Christ. Every chapter reveals fresh and impactful principles that will inspire, guide, and challenge you to grow in Christ. At the end of each chapter, key spiritual growth points are reemphasized for reflection.

You’ll learn scriptural truths to:

  • Have absolute assurance of your eternal salvation in Christ
  • Develop a deeper trust in your daily walk with Him
  • Maintain inner peace through life’s adversities
  • Forgive those who’ve hurt you
  • Release past failures, and move forward in spiritual empowerment
  • Live joyfully in the freedom and victory you are called to

By applying the spiritual truths you’ll discover here, you’ll enrich your fellowship with Christ and realize the Lord can do incredible things through you as well. It’s not about what you are able to do; it’s about what God can do through you.

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