refreshing video clips

He Is (The Names of God), is a part of the "Return of Majesty" trilogy of short films produced by Bravehearted Christian. This film will encourage and humble you as it progresses through Books of the Bible revealing names and attributes of the Lord God.

That's My King: this inspirational exert from the late Dr. S. M. Lockridge's "Seven Way King" sermon is set to a beautiful video presentation

This video will cause your spirit to soar in worship of our Mighty Savior as it shows the names of Jesus written in different languages. It is set to the song Bow Down and Worship Him, as sung live by Ben Cantelum in his performance at Soul Survivor 2008.

Rachel Leah Volkel composed this presentation that contains powerful Scripture truths to remind us of who we are in Christ. In it, these Bible affirmations are spoken by young children. And I think it's so appropriate because, in Christ, we are "chosen by God and adopted as His child." Our worth is not gauged on how we see ourselves, but who we are as declared by our heavenly Father, Abba.

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