Author: James Callen

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Seeking after the lost: A study of Jesus’ reaching out to the woman at the well (Part 1)

Prejudices and biases are common among men. These evils can creep into individuals or even congregations. But followers of Jesus should seek a pure heart with a genuine burden for the lost. For that, we need the Holy Spirit to work in us, revealing to us our ungodly attitudes and rooting out impure motions and motives.

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Jesus, our provision: A study of His miracle in providing food for five thousand (part 2)

God desires to work through available men, not through devisable methods. Yet, when God calls us to a task, there is a strong tendency to first look around, rather than to look up to Him. God wants, and works, to grow followers who will obediently follow Him in faith. We are to surrender to His calling and rely in dependence upon His omnipotence.

Spiritual encouragement, Spiritual motivation

Jesus, our provision: A Study of His miracle in providing food for five thousand (Part 1)

More than five thousand spent a day feeding on the words, wonders, and person of Jesus. Then, as nightfall approached and even though they were hungry and had no shelter for the night, they didn’t want to leave. They hungered more for being near Jesus! That’s the magnetism that Jesus had then and still has today.