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Your sins are forgiven: a Bible study of Jesus and the sinful woman of Luke 7

Don’t resist coming to Jesus because of fear of having your past exposed, or your being openly shamed. As He did with the sinful woman in Luke 7, Jesus is a merciful Savior who longs to forgive and restore those who come to Him in repentance. In Christ’s grace, you can know that your sins are forgiven.

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Luke 5:12-14: A Bible lesson on reaching out to those whom society ostracizes

People need hope, compassion, and belonging. But this world can be a lonely and brutal place. Many become ostrasized by society and are treated as loathsome. However uncomfortable it makes us, we need to reach out to them in Christlike love; telling them about Jesus’ mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, and redemption.

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Who am I in Christ?

You might understand that you are a child of God, yet think of yourself as a child that the heavenly Father is disappointed in. But that type of perception about yourself isn’t reality. What God says about you is truth. So, allow the Word of Truth, the Bible, to give answer and assurance for: “Who am I in Christ?”