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Belief in the biblical account of a literal six days of creation is spiritually important.

It’s a dangerous snare to question a literal six days of creation. If you discount God’s Word in Genesis, you’ll be prone to question anything else written in the Bible. Further, is it harder to believe in a six day creation, than in the resurrection from the dead when we’ll all be “changed in the twinkling of an eye?”

Bible lessons, Evangelism, Prison ministry lessons

Paul and Silas share the gospel with their jailer: A Bible lesson from Acts 16:22-53

Paul and Silas were publicly stripped of their clothing, flogged, and then thrown in prison. Despite all this, that night they were able to share the gospel with an entire family who accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. This, because Paul and Silas kept their focus on Christ, regardless of the circumstances they were in.