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Bible lessons, Evangelism, Spiritual growth

We are saved by grace, not by works. Works are to sequentially follow salvation.

In the book of James, believers are reminded that good works ought to accompany genuine faith. We can rest in absolute assurance, that our salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone and not by works. But, too, genuine faith in Christ will absolutely not let us rest from serving others for their betterment and Jesus’ glory.

Evangelism, Ministry

The early church ministered to a man’s spirit, soul, and body

When a local church ministers to all three aspects within an individual (their spirit, soul, and body), it can make the difference between a relatively stagnant church and one that is making a fruitful impact for Christ in their community. The results can be seen in people being saved, growth of the church body, and spiritual growth in its individual members.

Bible lessons

Palm Sunday providentially happened on lamb selection day in Israel

What is known as Palm Sunday, the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem while the crowd praised His worthiness, occurred on Israel’s “lamb selection day.” God was working His plan for the salvation of man, even though the crowd was oblivious to what was right in front of them. That is, the true fulfillment of the Passover Lamb was in Jesus of Nazareth.

Prayer, Spiritual growth

The Believer’s Prayer from Acts 4 – Extracting powerful prayer principles

In Acts 4:23-31, the account is recorded of a church praying together and, after they prayed, “the place where they were meeting was shaken.” God visually showed His approval of their prayer. In this study, powerful prayer principles are extracted from their example that can more attune your heart with God and, consequently, enhance your prayer life.