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Bible lessons, Evangelism, Prison ministry lessons

Fleeing demons; finding freedom in Christ: A Bible study on Mark 5:1-20 (part 1)

Demons are liars and deceivers, who seek to entrap and destroy men. They repetitively accentuate our failures and wrongdoings, telling us that we are hopelessly lost in our unworthiness before a holy God. But, while their lies can seem like reality, no lie can stand in the Light of Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bible lessons, Evangelism, Prison ministry lessons

Forgiven – from disgrace to grace: a Bible study lesson of Luke 7:36-50

Our human nature wants to believe the lie that we have gone beyond what God would be willing to forgive. But don’t believe that lie. Jesus knows your darkest sins and deepest shames anyway—and He bore those upon himself at Calvary. For, Jesus does not delight in condemnation. He delights in the salvation of men.

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Jesus heals a leper: a study on reaching out to those whom society ostracizes

People need hope, compassion, and belonging. But this world can be a lonely and brutal place. Many become ostrasized by society and are treated as loathsome. However uncomfortable it makes us, we need to reach out to them in Christlike love; telling them about Jesus’ mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, and redemption.